Group Members

Here is the list of the current group members, together with a short description of their main research interests.

Dr. Roberto Alfieri

Grid computing and grid authorization, network security, high-performance distributed computing systems.

Prof. Roberto Bagnara

Programming languages. Static analysis. Abstract interpretation. Verification of industrial critical systems.

Dr. Federico Bergenti

Artificial Intelligence, agent communication languages and their semantics, and agent (constraint) programming languages. Software Engineering, architectures for agent-based middleware, and reusability and strong decoupling in agent-based software systems.

Dr. Alessandro Dal Palù

Bioinformatics, Protein Structure Prediction, Constraint Logic Programming, design and implementation of new Constraint Solvers for Biology.

Prof. Grazia Lotti

Computational complexity: practical and efficient implementation of adaptive quadrature algorithms; bit computational cost of algorithms by using infinite precision arithmetics; algorithms for the computation of the stationary distribution of large continuous-time Markov chains.

Prof. Gianfranco Rossi

Programming languages. Language issues in Logic Programming Languages. Extended unification algorithms. Programming with sets. Constraint Logic Programming with sets. The {log} language: design and implementation.

Prof. Enea Zaffanella

Programming languages. Abstract interpretation. Abstract domains for the static analysis of programs and systems. Static analysis for imperative programming languages and (concurrent) (constraint) logic programming languages.

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