The Computer Science Group
at the University of Parma

Welcome to the home page of the Computer Science Group.

Even though the University of Parma does not have a Computer Science Department, there are a few people actually involved in Computer Science research.

The main research interests of our group include: Abstract Interpretation; Artificial Intelligence; Bioinformatics; Computational Complexity; (Constraint) Logic Programming; Programming Language Semantics; Static Analysis and Verification. More insight can be obtained by visiting the home pages of the group members, as well as our projects and publications web pages. Based on our research work, we are also developing several software projects. The group also organizes seminars on various topics of Computer Science.

Besides research, teaching is another interest of the members of the Computer Science Group. In this respect, a main goal has been achieved in 2002 with the activation of a First Level Degree in Computer Science at the University of Parma.

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