[PPL-devel] [Fink-devel] ppl-0.10.2 check thorough test fail

Enea Zaffanella zaffanella at cs.unipr.it
Sat Apr 2 08:29:57 CEST 2011

Il 01/04/2011 21:58, David Fang ha scritto:
>>>> Well ... ppl_lpsol uses glpk to parse the input file.
>>>> Apparently, the installed glpk is parsing the input file differently.
>>>> Which version of glpk do you have?
>>>> If I am to guess, I would say that the installed glpk is flagging the
>>>> two variables as being *binary* variables, rather than *integer* ones.
>>>> But this is just a guess, I will have to check the documentation for
>>>> the
>>>> input file format as well as the changelog for glpk.
>>> I have glpk-4.44:
>> So, my guess was correct and it turns out that Roberto had already asked
>> about the problem on a glpk mailing list:
>>  http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-glpk/2010-01/msg00005.html
>> Here is the answer
>>  http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-glpk/2010-01/msg00006.html
>> saying that glpk 4.29 changed its mps file reading routines.
>> I suspect there is a typo in the answer and maybe 4.39 or above was
>> meant (because I have 4.38 installed and my variables are not detected
>> as binary).
>> So, the good news is that the ppl is not miscompiled on your system.
>> The bad news is that the output of ppl_lpsol now depends on glpk version.
>> Enea.
> Thank you for helping to resolve this issue.  I bet the reason I did not
> see this failure on powerpc-darwin8-gcc-4.0.1 was because I happened to
> test it against an older glpk (< 4.29) way back then. I can at least
> patch the test case to work with glpk >= 4.29 (and require said version
> in our TestDepends), and move on from there.  Is this test also present
> in ppl-0.11.x?  Will it require the same adjustment?

The two tests (ex1.mps and unboundedmin.mps) were adapted by Roberto on
January 2010, but that changes did not get into PPL 0.10.2.
There relevant commits are:



Hence, the output of PPL 0.11.x should be stable even when using the
newer glpk versions.


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