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The Parma Recurrence Relation Solver Credits


The Parma Recurrence Relation Solver and its documentation have been designed, written, debugged and improved by the following people:


The Parma Recurrencs Relation Solver owes much to several other people and projects and we would like to thank them all:

The Users of the Library

People using PURRS and telling us about their application and reporting any bugs they find are contributing to the library in a very important way.
  • Pedro Vasconcelos, supervised by Kevin Hammond, wrote an interface to PURRS for his type and effect system for inferring sizes and costs for functional programs written in Hume. He also provided useful feedback on PURRS and, based on this, we added the capability to solve some multivariate recurrence equations.
  • Bruny Pitou and Gérard Riviere, supervised by Fred Mesnard and Étienne Payet, produced a version of CASLOG (Complexity Analysis System for LOGic) interfaced to PURRS. This allowed us rectify several problems in the solver's implementation and to better understand the kind of symbolic computation support that complexity analysis of logic programs requires.

The Sponsors

This work has been partly supported by the following projects:

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