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Here I provide links and other information about people that have some connection with myself and/or with my activities. The categorization is arbitrary and somewhat misleading (for instance, coauthors are usually friends).

My Coauthors

These are the people that have worked with me to something that has been published. For the frivolous side, my Erdös number is 4 (via Michael A. Covington, Walter D. Potter, Robert W. Robinson), my Knuth number is 5, my Einstein number is 6, my Turing number is 7... but my Berners Lee number is 1!

Other Friends

These are just being collected here for the moment. This list is of course largely incomplete.

Kittens sleeping in Pat's case Kittens eating Have a look at 6 kittens sleeping in Pat Hill's case. Getting them off there required some milk. These pictures were taken during Spring 1998, when Pat and Enea visited me in order to finish a paper we coauthored.

Roberto and Fred in St Malo This picture of Fred and myself walking on the beach of St Malo has been taken by Jan-Georg Smaus.

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