List of Accepted Papers

  • Neng-Fa Zhou and Jonathan Fruhman
    Toward a Dynamic Programming Solution for the 4-peg Tower of Hanoi Problem with Configurations
  • Jan Wielemaker
    Extending the Logical Update View with Transaction Support
  • Anthony Monnet and Roger Villemaire
    Efficient Partial Order CDCL Using Assertion Level Choice Heuristics
  • João Santos and Ricardo Rocha
    Efficient Support for Mode-Directed Tabling in the YapTab Tabling System
  • Terrance Swift
    Profiling Large Tabled Computations using Forest Logging
  • Rui Vieira, Ricardo Rocha and Fernando Silva
    On Comparing Alternative Splitting Strategies for Or-Parallel Prolog Execution on Multicores
  • Zoé Drey, Jose F. Morales and Manuel Hermenegildo
    Reversible Language Extensions and their Application in Debugging
  • Rui Machado, Salvador Abreu and Daniel Diaz
    Parallel Local Search: Experiments with a PGAS-based Programming Model
  • Emilio Gallego, Rémy Haemmerlé, Jose F. Morales and Manuel Hermenegildo
    The Ciao CLP(FD) Library