ISCL Summer School 2002 - Planned Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-9:30 CLIS LPI AI MC CP CP
9:30-10:30 LPI LPI AI MC CP AI

Break Closing
11:00-12:00 MC CP MC CLIS LPI
12:00-13:00 MC CP MC CLIS LPI

14:30-15:30 AI CLIS CP AI CLIS
15:30-16:30 AI CLIS CP AI CLIS

17:00-18:00 DLP DLP LPI DLP MC
18:00-19:00 DLP DLP LPI DLP DLP

Evening Events Squid Fishing Pizza Party Squid Fishing Maratea Gala Dinner

AI: Abstract Interpretation (Cousot)

CLIS: Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Systems (Dahl)

CP: Constraint Processing (Dechter)

DLP: Disjunctive Logic Programming (Leone)

LPI: Logic Programming Implementation (Demoen).

MC: Model Checking of Finite and Infinite State Systems (Esparza)