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A Correct, Precise and Efficient Integration of Set-Sharing, Freeness and Linearity for the Analysis of Finite and Rational Tree Languages (TPLP)

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Patricia M. Hill, Enea Zaffanella, and Roberto Bagnara


It is well-known that freeness and linearity information positively interact with aliasing information, allowing both the precision and the efficiency of the sharing analysis of logic programs to be improved. In this paper we present a novel combination of set-sharing with freeness and linearity information, which is characterized by an improved abstract unification operator. We provide a new abstraction function and prove the correctness of the analysis for both the finite tree and the rational tree cases. Moreover, we show that the same notion of redundant information as identified in (Bagnara, Hill and Zaffanella 2002, Zaffanella, Hill and Bagnara 2002) also applies to this abstract domain combination: this allows for the implementation of an abstract unification operator running in polynomial time and achieving the same precision on all the considered observable properties.


Bagnara, R., Hill, P. M. and Zaffanella, E. (2002).
Set-sharing is redundant for pair-sharing, Theoretical Computer Science 277, 1-2, 3--46.
Zaffanella, E., Hill, P.~M. and Bagnara, R. (2002).
Decomposing non-redundant sharing by complementation, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 2, 2, 233--261.

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