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Enhanced Sharing Analysis Techniques: A Comprehensive Evaluation (PPDP'00)

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Roberto Bagnara, Enea Zaffanella, and Patricia M. Hill


Sharing, a domain due to D. Jacobs and A. Langen for the analysis of logic programs, derives useful aliasing information. It is well-known that a commonly used core of techniques, such as the standard integration of Sharing with freeness and linearity information, can significantly improve the precision of Sharing. However, a number of other proposals for refined domain combinations have been circulating for years. One feature that is common to these proposals is that they do not seem to have undergone a thorough experimental evaluation even with respect to the expected precision gains. In this paper, we discuss and/or experimentally evaluate: helping Sharing with definitely ground variables computed with Pos; the incorporation of explicit structural information into the domain of analysis; more sophisticated ways of integrating Sharing and Pos; the issue of reordering the bindings in the computation of the abstract mgu; an original proposal concerning the addition of a domain recording the set of variables that are deemed to be ground or free; a more refined way of using linearity to improve the analysis; the issue of whether tracking compoundness allows to compute more precise sharing information; and, finally, the recovery of hidden information in the combination of Sharing with the usual domain for freeness.

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