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Efficient Structural Information Analysis for Real CLP Languages (LPAR'00)

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Roberto Bagnara, Patricia M. Hill, and Enea Zaffanella


We present the rational construction of a generic domain for structural information analysis of CLP languages called Pattern(D#), where the parameter D# is an abstract domain satisfying certain properties. Our domain builds on the parameterized domain for the analysis of logic programs Pat(R), which is due to Cortesi et al. However, the formalization of our CLP abstract domain is independent from specific implementation techniques: Pat(R) (suitably extended in order to deal with CLP systems omitting the occurs-check) is one of the possible implementations. Reasoning at a higher level of abstraction we are able to appeal to familiar notions of unification theory. This higher level of abstraction also gives considerable more latitude for the implementer. Indeed, as demonstrated by the results summarized here, an analyzer that incorporates structural information analysis based on our approach can be highly competitive both from the precision and, contrary to popular belief, from the efficiency point of view.

Available: PDF, 300 DPI, 600 DPI, and 1200 DPI PostScript, DVI, and BibTeX entry.
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