[PURRS-devel] Building the PURRS infrastructure

Andrea Pescetti pescetti at cs.unipr.it
Thu Jan 24 10:38:16 CET 2008

The latest library versions can cause problems when trying to build the
PURSS infrastructure.

1) GiNaC
   GiNaC 1.3.7 works and is now on our FTP site.
   GiNaC 1.3.6 apparently doesn't work due to a parsing problem.
   GiNaC 1.4.x (the current series) should work but we need to modify
   our configuration script in order to take into account
   which dropped ginac-config for pkg-config.
   Our configure script and test program should not locate/execute
   ginac-config (which has been removed in 1.4.x) but
   pkg-config --modversion ginac
   (if you receive an error, just set PKG_CONFIG_PATH appropriately:
   if GiNaC is in /usr/local/lib ).
   Note: GiNaC is now dependent on pkg-config, but this shouldn't be
   a major problem.

   GIAC 0.7.1 does not build without a patch we already happened to
   have to apply. The patch, suggested by Roberto, is under this
   message and a patched version og GIAC 0.7.1 is on our FTP site.

   CGICC 3.2.4 (the latest version) apparently has changed its
   build scripts.
   Since this is not a key component, we can continue using
   CGICC 3.2.3, which is on our FTP site too.


Patch for GIAC 0.7.1:
$ diff -c series.cc.~1~ series.cc
*** series.cc.~1~       2007-09-18 13:29:28.000000000 +0200
--- series.cc   2007-09-28 20:48:35.000000000 +0200
*** 1174,1180 ****
--- 1174,1182 ----
    void inutile(sparse_poly1 & s){
+ #endif
    // ***********************

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