[PURRS-devel] make

Andrea Pescetti pescetti at cs.unipr.it
Wed Dec 14 19:04:07 CET 2005

Jorge Navas wrote:
> I'm sorry again. I keep trying to install purrs but I have been able to do it
> yet. The problem occurs when I run "make". Note that the execution of
> "configure" seems OK.

Dear Jorge,
is GiNaC correctly installed and configured on your system?

The execution of "configure" may result in non-blocking warnings, so
that it will seem to be OK, but PURRS actually depends on GiNaC. Do you
get any warnings about GiNaC when running "configure"?

>  When I run "make", the execution stops at this point
> with this error messsage: ...
> Expr.inlines.hh:811: error: `x_SERIAL' undeclared (first use this function)

This definitely seems a problem with your GiNaC installation.

You might want to post a compressed version of config.log, the
"configure" log file, for us to be able to better identify the problem.

  Andrea Pescetti.

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