[PURRS-devel] Question about giac.

Tatiana Zolo zolo at cs.unipr.it
Wed Oct 15 12:02:25 CEST 2003

Dear Bernard,
I'm studying how it is possible to use your library for the
I have some of questions:

1) I want to install only the necessary libraries for my aims.
     I already have GMP and NTL and so I think would be enough
     GIAC in order to the factorization on rationals, is it true?
     (I do not work with floating point numbers and I am not interested
     on graphic's tools.)
    The installation's process is finished well, even if I have again
     a doubt: what is DL support which by default is setted to `yes'?

2) The second question is about the input of an object of the type
      in the little program attached you can see that the use of `n*5'
      instead of `5*n' caused an ambiguity for operator*.
      It seems very strange for me this behavior... Is it wanted?

Thanks in advance, all the best

      Tatiana Zolo
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#include <giac/giac.h>

using namespace std;
using namespace giac;

int main() {
  identificateur h("h");
  identificateur n("n");
#if 1
  gen p = pow(h,4)+pow(h,3)*(2*n+4)+pow(h,2)*(pow(n,2)+5*n+5)
  gen p = pow(h,4)+pow(h,3)*(2*n+4)+pow(h,2)*(pow(n,2)+n*5+5)
  gen q = factor(p);
  cout << p << "   ->   " << q << endl << endl;

  return 0;

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