[PURRS-devel] purrs/src alg_eq_solver.cc

Tatiana Zolo zolo at spartacus.cs.unipr.it
Thu Dec 18 08:50:50 CET 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/purrs
Module name:	purrs
Changes by:	zolo at cs.unipr.it	2003-12-18 08:50:50

Modified files:
	src            : alg_eq_solver.cc 

Log message:
	In the function `find_roots()' uncommented the call to the function
	`is_nested_polynomial()' because used in the "new" method (see the paper
	"Checking and Confining the Solutions of Recurrence Realtions")
	for the validation of the exact solution of linear finite order recurrences
	with constant coefficients.


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