[PPL-devel] Re: RFC: packaging the PPL for RedHat and Debian

Michael Tautschnig michael.tautschnig at zt-consulting.com
Wed Mar 2 19:56:48 CET 2005

> ... that kills my idea anyway :-) I'll try to provide a summary as of 
> tomorrow morning - thanks for the links!

So - it's not "morning" anymore, but finally I found the time to read the 
articles - and a really short summary would read:

- The Name: lib<libraryname><soversion> and lib<libraryname>-dev , if 
there is no need for multiple versions of the dev-files.

- The Contents: Any additional binary (such as ppl_lcdd) might go into 
lib<libraryname><soversion>-runtime or lib<libraryname>-dev ; Furthermore 
only lib<libraryname>-dev may (and should) provide a symbolic link in 
/usr/lib/lib<libraryname>.so to /usr/lib/lib<libraryname>.so.<soversion>

Furthermore, it is ok to have multiple libraries in a single package. 
Last, but not least, the shlibs-system should be used to provide the 
necessary dependency-information - please read and follow



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