CS Seminar: Fausto Spoto, December 10, 2003

Dr. Fausto Spoto,
Dipartimento di Informatica, University of Verona, Italy.

Date and Time
Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 14:30
Sala Riunioni,
Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Parma, Via D'Azeglio 85/A, I-43100 Parma

JULIA: A Static Analyser for the Java Bytecode

We describe our JULIA static analyser for the Java bytecode. Its main feature is to analyse the Java bytecode directly, without any previous transformation into a high-level language such as Java. This improves the efficiency of the analysis and yields an analysis which is insensitive to possible errors of the transformation into Java. JULIA is based on a denotational semantics for the Java bytecode, focused on a set of program points called watchpoints. The cost of the analysis is proportional to the number of watchpoints. An abstract domain for Java is a class implementing the abstract counterparts of the Java bytecodes. We show some examples of abstract domains for class and escape analysis. We show that the traditional technique of abstract compilation has major effects on the efficiency of the analysis. Finally, we discuss the possibility of developing an abstract domain for approximating numerical variables, which is useful to remove array checks. This domain should be based on the Parma Polyhedra Library.

Contact Person
Roberto Bagnara

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