CS Seminar: Manuel Carro Liñares, February 27, 2002

Dr. Manuel Carro Liñares,
Department of Programming Languages and Systems, School of Computer Science
CLIP Lab, Department of Artificial Intelligence,
Technical University of Madrid.

Date and Time
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 11:30
Aula 1,
Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Parma, Via D'Azeglio 85/A, I-43100 Parma

The Ciao Logic Programming Environment

We present a tutorial overview of Ciao, a next generation logic programming environment which is unique in several ways: Ciao is a complete (ISO-)Prolog system, but its novel modular design allows both restricting and extending the language. This makes it possible to work with fully declarative subsets of Prolog and also with syntactic and semantic extensions which can be activated separately on each program module. Its design also facilitates global program analysis, static debugging, and optimization. We review some of Ciao's extensions: assertions, functions, records, higher-order, constraints, objects, persistence, alternative control rules, concurrency (threads/engines), distributed execution (agents), parallel execution, etc. We also review the use of the compiler and overall environment while programming both in the large and in the small: modular program development, separate/incremental compilation, documenting programs with assertions, static/dynamic debugging, external interfaces, producing small executables, linking regimes, scripts, etc.

A large number of people have contributed to the development of Ciao, including F. Bueno, D. Cabeza, M. Carro, M. Garcia de la Banda, M. Hermenegildo, P. Lopez, and G. Puebla.

Contact Person
Roberto Bagnara

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