Relating Set Constraints and Constraint Logic Programming with Finite Sets (TR)

Agostino Dovier, Carla Piazza, and Gianfranco Rossi


We compare two (apparently) rather different set-based constraint languages, and we show that, in spite of their different origins and aims, there are large classes of constraint formulae for which both proposals provide suitable procedures for testing constraint satisfiability with respect to a given privileged interpretation. Specifically, we present a technique for reducing any Set constraint to a purely set-theoretic first-order formula. This formula can be viewed as a constraint of a Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) language working on set-based domains. In particular, we consider the language CLP(SET) but similar considerations could be done starting from any CLP language endowed with (nested) sets. Moreover, we show how the satisfiability over domains of infinite sets (that are not usually dealt with by CLP(SET) of a non-trivial sub-class of Set constraints can be checked by the constraint solver of CLP(SET).

Keywords: Set constraints, Constraint Logic, Programming with Sets.

Available: 600 DPI PostScript, BibTeX entry.

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